What about Google?

I spend two hours on Google just scrolling for fun … said no one ever.

Yes it’s important to have a website. But that is not the place you’re going to reach your audience.

Your audience is spending their time on the various social media platforms.

We’re SO fortunate that we can actually FIND our target customers. If you’re in the pet business, how much more targeted can you get by interacting with Pet accounts.

Think about it – a person that has created an Instagram for their dog or cat, takes photos, interacts with their dogs and cat friends is basically declaring.

I love my dog or cat more than people. Ok maybe not that much but probably close 😂

Best Practice
– Post at least 5 times a week at a minimum
– Find other accounts to interact with – use hashtags to find them or find them on your explore page.

Social media is about being social after all.

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