Pre Digital or Brick and Mortar Path

Customer Need: Dog Collar and Leash

    • Walks into Walmart
    • Asks Walmart employee where to find it
    • Customer is directed to aisle 12 …. where they make their selection

Key Take Away:  Customer goes to store with an “Interest” in products they plan to “evaluate” and buy.

Digital Commerce such as Amazon Path

Customer Need: Dog Collar and Leash

    • Logs into Amazon and enters in Key Words
    • Amazon provides 400+ options and helps customers “evaluate” through testimonials and reviews
    • Removed friction points by using Amazon’s one click purchasing system

Key Take Away:  Customer has an interest in products and Amazon masters the “evaluation” part of the journey through reviews and purchase tools.

Social Media Commerce

Customer Doesn’t Know They Need a Dog Collar and Leash

    • Customer already spending hours per day on Social Media
    • Customer sees engaging photo of dog collar and leash
    • Customer taps “shoppable pin” on photo for a direct link to purchasing

Key Take Away: Immediate “See it - Buy it” access to product specifications and purchase.

Ecommerce is expanding to Social Media Channels

Your customers are not scrolling through Google.  They use Google as a directory only once they are at the research stage in their customer journey.

But they are spending anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours per day browsing through their various social media platforms.


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