Is anyone watching TV?

I turned on the TV the other day. And there were no shows. It was commercial after commercial. I LOVED IT … said no one ever.

Look TV stations don’t survive of programming alone. They need ads to run their business.

You need customers to purchase your product.

But not every post has to be an ad about your company or your product. That would be like turning on the TV and never seeing any shows. Just commercials. And no one wants that.

So here’s the thing. People used to come home, have dinner, unwind and turn on the TV. Ever heard the complaint “there’s never any good shows anymore”

And how eyeballs … attention .. have now shifted to the little screens in our hands.

Your audience gets on Social Media to escape and unwind.

They want to relax, laugh, be inspired, meet other people… and be social actively or quietly.

They don’t want ad after ad served to them.

When you create content, think of how to entertain and serve content that your audience finds appealing. So that when you do mention your product on the 3rd or 4th post – they might actually listen.

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