“Know, Like and Trust”

If you go to any major social media conference all of the speakers will say:
Your social media audience has to know, like and trust you. So your content and your interactions need to be framed around showing who you are.

Because people need to go through that process in building their relationship before they transact with you.

But here’s the other side to that … that no one talks about.

You… need to know, like and trust … your target customer.

Before Social Media we used ads in magazines, mailed letters, ran newspaper ads and wondered if anyone was reading them.

Today…. as a business … you can step outside of your own account and visit your target audience’s accounts to get to know them, to see if you like them, and to develop trust that there is a fit between what you’re offering and who they are.

Create a challenge for yourself to pick a number. Let’s say that 20, or 30. Of new accounts you go find on explore or through other people’s accounts and … make this know, like and trust, a two way street.

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